What Does PCI Stand For, and What Is PCI?

Odds are, if you are thinking about how to begin a web-based store, you have often seen the word PCI tossed around, or overheard it in coversations – what does PCI are a symbol of and just what will it mean for the business? Utilizing a non-PCI compliant payment option may cost your company 1000s of dollars in fines – here’s what you ought to learn about it.

Exactly what does PCI are a symbol of?

PCI means “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”. The entire acronym is PCI DSS, but many people just refer to it as PCI for brief.

What’s PCI?

PCI is definitely an industry standard designed to really make it far better to want credit cards online by ensuring business collecting charge card data transmit and store it safely.

In 2001 Visa produced CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) to assist safeguard customers’ charge card information. In 2004 CISP turned into some pot effort one of the charge card companies now referred to as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS (or PCI for brief) developed industry standards for providers and retailers to make certain that cardholder data had been protected when stored and transmitted.

Exactly why is utilizing a PCI-certified provider important?

Retailers utilizing a non-PCI certified provider can face some serious fines. Class action lawsuit lawsuits could be filed, fines as high as $10,000 per month and $500,000 per incident could be enforced in addition if your merchant is discovered to be incompliant remarkable ability to process transactions could be revoked. These results can cripple a company. If you wish to be effective online you have to make certain that the provider won’t jeopardize your company, and that’s why all Volusion payments are PCI-compliant automatically.

So how exactly does a repayment provider get PCI certified?

PCI certification mandates that providers:

  • Install and keep a firewall
  • Not use vendor provided defaults for security parameters
  • Safeguard stored data
  • Secure the transmission of sensitive information
  • Use and frequently update anti-virus software
  • Develop and keep secure systems and applications
  • Restrict use of data on the need-to-know basis
  • Assign a distinctive ID to every person with use of data
  • Restrict physical use of data
  • Track and monitor all use of data
  • Regularly test home security systems and procedures
  • Maintain an info security policy

How do you see if my provider is PCI certified?

To determine the status of the provider you will see Visa’s individually maintained listing of certified providers worldwide. A list documents each certified provider, the assessor that conducted the audit, the help which were reviewed, and also the date of validation (so you are aware if their certification is current).

Is Volusion payment processing PCI-Compliant?

Obviously! For those who have a Volusion store, all payment processing is instantly 100% PCI-compliant – encrypted, secure, and rigorously tested to make certain your clients are secure. Not just that, consider our store templates are made on your own by professional designers and ecommerce pros, Volusion store proprietors sell an 2x greater than other located shopping carts – that’s much more payments to process! Consider using a 14-day free trial offer of Volusion’s all-in-one ecommerce platform today – no charge card needed.

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