Using Color Psychology to Choose the Best Branding for Your Business!

A emblem is frequently considered the “face” of the business. When they are well-designed, logos can make brand familiarity leading to loyalty and trust.

You could place Nike footwear through the “swoosh” quietly, and McDonald’s golden arches help make your mouth water from the mile away. This kind of brand recognition proves the strength of a properly-crafted emblem-but are they all so recognizable?

Besides the actual imagery, color is among the most significant and identifiable facets of a highly effective emblem. Continue reading to learn the best way to harness the strength of color.

What’s Color Psychology?

Color psychology is study regarding color as it requires human behavior. More particularly, color psychology analyzes how colors influence our thought of something.

Simply put, color helps you to inform consumers concerning the personality of the product, service, or business.

Based on, the correct utilization of color increases brand recognition by 80%. Much more shocking: about 85% of shoppers purchase a product according to its color!

Colors could make your emblem or product attention-grabbing, unique, and memorable-three things every marketer or business proprietor strives for. Once you know the sense that particular colors create, you are able to craft a emblem and color scheme that compliments your company.

Color and Brand Recognition

Most importantly, you would like your emblem to precisely portray your company’s personality and attract your audience.

Let’s check out both of these Barbie dolls logos, for instance:

The black Barbie dolls emblem has little related to the personality from the Barbie dolls brand. Barbie dolls dolls stimulate fun, movement, and femininity. The stark boldness is simply too dark and unwelcoming-the alternative from the feelings that Barbie dolls like a brand should envision.

The chocolate pink Barbie dolls emblem exudes playfulness and. It’s referred to as “Barbie dolls pink” for any reason! Even though the Barbie dolls brand is powerful enough for all of us to acknowledge the emblem-even if it’s while using wrong color-the pink results in a feeling that’s missing in the black version.

Let’s take a look at another example:

We recognize this because the Dunkin’ Donuts emblem because we have seen it numerous occasions: the stacked words, the bubbly letters, the coffee cup…but something is off.

This visual emphasizes a couple of things: the effectiveness of Dunkin’s emblem, and also the relation between color and personality. We all know we are searching at Dunkin’ Donuts, although the color is wrong. We observe that the dark eco-friendly makes Dunkin’ appear less sweet and approachable.

Dunkin’s signature orange and pink emblem colors are playful and lightweight, much like their famous sprinkled donuts. Whenever you enter a Starbucks, it’s a totally different atmosphere: calm music, spacious seating, a extended menu of complicated drinks. Overall, it’s a more elaborate and exclusive vibe.

Starbucks’ eco-friendly and white-colored colors tend to be more composed, chic and, well, costly. Dunkin’s orange and pink results in as accessible, which precisely represents the contrast on price backward and forward coffee companies.

Patterns Across Industries

Exist patterns between color and company niches? Absolutely.

Check out social networking platforms. Exactly what do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Behance, and Skype share? A blue emblem.

Even Instagram’s old emblem was blue, remember?

How can this be? Exactly what does it mean whenever we find patterns inside a certain niche? Let’s use what we should are conscious of color psychology to higher appreciate this repetition.

Based on Bluleadz, the colour blue is reliable, reliable, calming, dependable, and globally loved. Actually, blue may be the world’s most widely used color and it is equally appreciated by both women and men. The colour blue also complements other colors and it is less distracting than vibrant colors like orange.

This will make for smoother communication and usefulness. Overall, blue is protected, subtle, along with a good default color for many companies when correctly performed.

You may have observed that eco-friendly frequently represents wellness and a healthier lifestyle:

Bio Food, FreshDirect, and Whole-foods are brands that promote eating healthily choices. You are able to most likely consider several more “healthy” brands which use eco-friendly within their palettes.

Many consumers believe that black represents an expert, sleek, or authoritative personality.

The Brand New You are able to Occasions, Nike, and CBS are well-respected giants inside their niches. These 3 logos are pretty straight forward, memorable, and wordless. We are able to recognize them without getting to determine a business name attached, or perhaps a specific color usage.

Strong, bold logos can promote rely upon a business. They’re balanced as well as in control.

Common Color Associations

Even though the perfect color for the brand is much more determined by supporting your brand’s personality and fewer about evoking feelings, it’s important to understand underlying cultural and brand associations.


Blue is reliable, attempted and true. If you are undecided by what color to select for the emblem, blue is definitely safe. Just make certain your market isn’t oversaturated with blue logos, because it’ll be harder to stick out in the crowd!


Eco-friendly frequently represents health insurance and growth, similar to plants. Animal Planet and Whole-foods are a couple of firms that help remind us of the things “natural” and organic. Eco-friendly may also represent money, even though it usually comes with savings or tracking as opposed to a lender.


Crimson can represent creativeness, indulgence, and different vision. Brands like Cadbury, Wendy’s, and Roku fully realize how to make a crimson emblem.


Black is classic. It is rather simple, sophisticated, and frequently chic. Think luxury fashion brands like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Oakley. Additionally, it states solid and reliable, as with the situation of The new sony and Uber.


This vibrant color is frequently connected with optimism and communication. Think Snapchat, Sprint, and National Geographic. Yellow can be quite attention-grabbing just make certain you do not use it a white-colored background!


Pink invokes feelings of fun, energy, and romance. Consider brands like Baskin-Robbins, T-Mobile, and Victoria’s Secret.


Red can stimulate a feeling of emergency, that is frequently accustomed to advantage by brands who sell consumable products. Some famous red logos include Coca-Cola, Texaco, CNN, and Target.

While selecting colors for the emblem might appear intimidating, you have the various tools to help make the process sensible and straightforward. The “right” color for the brand is a that will the following:

  • Portrays your brand’s personality
  • Talks to your audience
  • Precisely represents what your brand sells or provides like a service

If you are overwhelmed, remember that you could always employ a graphics team for help!

Using these color psychology tips, you are able to be assured that the marketing attempts are so as and revel in your brand-new, strategically-designed business emblem.

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