Use Business Intelligence to Succeed in the Technology Industry

Technology development has fueled progress in the 21st century. However, the competitive landscape in this industry is constantly changing. Therefore, your team requires business intelligence solutions to devise highly effective strategies. This post explores how a firm in the technology industry would use business intelligence. 

What is Business Intelligence? 

Business intelligence (BI) means accumulating data on how your competitors and consumers behave. Therefore, you can utilize data analytics services to extract insights from a BI dataset. Moreover, tech companies use automation tools to streamline this process. 

Visualized reporting modules are also essential components of business intelligence services. They facilitate improved communication among all stakeholders. So, organized decision-making activities become faster. 

The technology industry would use business intelligence in finance, human resources, marketing, data analytics, and product innovation. Therefore, you want to learn about the benefits of using BI and visualizations in the technology sector. 

Business Intelligence Solutions for the Technology Industry 

1| Financial Analysis and Revenue Reporting 

The technology industry knows no borders, but this reality complicates accounting and taxation if you are a tech firm. How can you navigate through global accounting standards? 

Business intelligence solutions help technology companies comply with international accounting standards by tracking policy changes across continents. Also, you can automate this process to advance data analytics services that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Furthermore, you can improve your finance and revenue reporting through intuitive data visualizations. These reports are often more user-friendly and facilitate better comprehension. 

2| BI for Human Resource Analytics 

Human Resource Management (HRM) at a technology firm must maintain a positive relationship between employees and superiors. Simultaneously, the HR managers must hold the employees accountable from a productivity point of view. 

Technology businesses can utilize business intelligence solutions specializing in human resource analytics. Using data analytics services to identify an employee’s productivity and performance metrics helps you identify skill deficiencies. 

Therefore, you can design unique training programs to encourage employees toward accelerated work ethics. Besides, the technology industry can use business intelligence to investigate the reasons behind employee attrition. 

3| Marketing Analytics for the Technology Businesses 

A university requires a different set of technologies than the needs of a textile company. So, you must offer different technology products to every customer. After all, the industrial relevance of the marketing strategy is the key to enhancing your conversion rates. 

Technology companies require current data analytics services to uncover trends in customer databases. Simultaneously, business intelligence solutions help you keep your databases up to date. 

Combining these tools facilitates contextual marketing strategies. Therefore, your team has a better grasp of the consumer intent and client circumstances. The technology industry would use business intelligence to reinforce and contextualize its marketing efforts. 

4| Innovative Product Intelligence 

Designing the user interface of a software product is an important activity. Similarly, hardware manufacturing companies prioritize minimizing power usage and increasing heat ventilation. 

Therefore, data analytics services collect data and describe the production philosophy’s strengths and weaknesses. Some of the business queues for product innovation might include the following factors. 

  1. How many consumers use a specific feature in your products and services? 
  2. Why do people avoid upgrading to the latest version of your software? 
  3. How to reduce the minimum hardware specifications to reach a bigger market? 

Business intelligence solutions can help technology enterprises gather data to answer these queries. They will aggregate the work of academic research institutes or the existing knowledge bases in the public domain. Besides, you can always consult your customers and employees to increase product intelligence. 


The technology sectors witness intense competitive challenges. However, tech firms can easily leverage innovative techniques in database management to identify improvement areas. Creating business intelligence data sets using automated solutions is one such method. 

Data-driven strategies are more relevant and realistic than conventional tactics. So, technology companies must maintain a high standard for data quality. This principle also suggests that you must select a trustworthy data partner to assist you in accomplishing your business goals. 

A leader in data analytics services, SG Analytics, empowers tech firms to develop apps with robust business intelligence datasets and powerful growth strategies. Contact us today to implement scalable analytical assistance for remarkable progress toward your objectives. 

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