Top 6 Interesting Facts About Online Casino Gambling

It wasn’t quite the Wild West a decade ago, but the online casino gambling industry is still finding its place in the world of legal internet gambling. Many regulations are implemented to ensure player and home safety, but the unexpected happens regularly. Millionaires have been made, and millions of dollars have been lost, which is why millions of people play these games. For instance, PinUP Casino is one of the popular online websites with a huge number of fans. In this article, we will reveal six interesting facts that you might not know about online gambling.

1. It’s legal, but it just depends on where you live.

The legality of gambling is, in many ways, the same as the legality of marijuana. It’s legal in some places, technically illegal in others, but usually not prosecuted unless it’s a major serious operation. If you’ve ever spent some time gambling at an online casino for real money, you’ve probably noticed that the payout systems aren’t as straightforward as others. This is because if you are in a place where gambling is not completely legal, you must jump through several hoops to avoid breaking the law. The rules are always changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date.

Note: PinUP Casino is a legal website with international licenses that can ensure your money’s safety and high-quality gambling services.

2. The first online casino hit the web in 1994.

It’s hard to believe that online casino games have been around for over 25 years, but they have. The first online casino developed by Microgaming, A company that was undoubtedly ahead of its time, appeared just about 100 years after the first slot machines made their way to the casino floor. Today, Microgaming still operates and maintains an online gambling platform.

Important: PinUp uses the experience of old casinos to provide online gamblers with the best experience possible.

3. Biggest win ever.

Since the beginning of online casinos in 1994, Billions of dollars have been exchanged between the house and the player. But a victory is above all of them; “Be prepared to be jealous.” An anonymous man playing “Founders of the First Online Casino” on a Microgaming site won over $21.7 million playing a progressive jackpot. His initial bet was only $0.75. In just one moment, one man proved that they couldn’t be more wrong when they said video games never work.

4. The popularity of digital currencies is increasing.

Certainly, digital currency has always been a popular way of doing business online that may be outside what is usually considered “100% legal”. With that said, there are practical reasons why cryptocurrencies can be useful for online gamblers, even if what they’re doing is completely within the bounds of the law. Gamblers like digital currency because it provides anonymity and eliminates banks and strong control systems. Today, almost all major online gambling platforms accept Bitcoin and other major digital currencies as sufficient payment.

Note: On PinUP Casino, luckily, players can use digital currencies to make deposits and even withdraw their funds quickly.

5. Online, but only partially digital.

When you think of an online gaming platform, you probably think of some related graphics and algorithm that determines who wins and who loses. While the setup I described above is more common, some websites offer real dealers to lay down the cards in blackjack or spin the wheel in roulette. One of the most common online gambling complaints is that the house is rigged against the players. It’s not, but when there’s no human element involved, it’s hard to know if you’re getting a fair shake. Transparency-obsessed online casinos know it’s harder to cut results when a real person is on the other side.

6. You cannot count cards in online blackjack.

Even the most amateur gamblers probably know about card counting because of a movie or book they’ve watched. However, only a few people learn how to do this for themselves. Despite all the mythology surrounding it, Learning how to count cards is pretty easy. It’s also not illegal because you won’t be thrown in jail, “but you’ll probably be asked to leave if you’re caught.” If you want to learn how to get into the card counting business, wait to do it online – it’s impossible. Online casinos use random card selection to remove card counting from the equation completely.

Important: Maybe you can not count cards online, but with the PinUp demo opportunity, you can practice more without risking your money. You only need to enter the PinUp official website, find your favorite demo game, and start to practice your knowledge about casino games.

Interesting Gambling on PinUp

Online casino gambling has been huge for the gambling industry. The major investors of regular casinos have also achieved the digital revolution and consider it profitable with fewer headaches. If you’re looking to make money online, find a platform that works for you and see if you have more success behind your desk than you would normally at a real blackjack table. Surely, finding a trustable online gambling website can be hard; However, we offer you the PinUp platform, that not just a secure platform for gamblers but also provides all necessary services to offer the best gambling experience to all players.

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