Tips to Finding a Unique Name That Will Attract Customers to Your Health & Wellness Business!

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One question we often get from entrepreneurs venturing into the health and wellness sector is, “I’m in the health niche; is my brand name that important?”

One reason why this question comes up is that entrepreneurs feel that because people have high regard for healthcare services, they wouldn’t need to stress about giving their business a solid name.

But that’s not true because deciding on the ideal brand name for your company, whether you’re a doctor, chiropractor, or dentist hoping to benefit your neighborhood by offering top-notch medical care, is the best way to get people’s attention to your healthcare service business.

Your first goal when branding your business is to get catchy, exciting, or cute business names that accurately describe the value and quality of what you’re offering to clients.

At Squadhelp, we’ve assisted over 30,000 businesses in selecting captivating brand names, and we’ll be revealing what you need to do to find the best health and wellness business name.

1.    Recognize Your Company’s Brand

The name of your brand is the foundation of its identity and personality. As a result, while naming your company, you can’t afford to disregard investigating and learning everything you can about your brand.

As a founder, you must realize that your healthcare business is the services you’re providing, but your brand identity is the picture you portray of your health brand.

Consider Accenture as an example. What images come to mind when you hear or encounter the name? It sounds high-end, stylish, and modern to me. And this name is really successful and works extremely well for one of the top ten consulting organizations in the world.

A company with a different brand couldn’t be named in the same way since the name wouldn’t adequately express who they are and what their firm is about.

And for that reason, having a strong sense of brand imagination is the first requirement for naming your business effectively. Your brand imagination is the key to visualizing the identity of your brand.

2.    Start Brainstorming

It’s time to begin considering names. Gather your team (if you have one at this point) and let out your creativity.

There is no need for analysis during the brainstorming process. So, at this point, avoid the impulse to critically evaluate any names you uncover or create. Simply focus on turning on your creativity writing down as many exciting and captivating words that aligns with your health brand as you find.

Here are some essential tools that can make your brainstorming more pleasurable and productive.

  • Thesaurus
  • Slangs in the healthcare sector
  • Rhyming words
  • Business name generators
  • Visual names, relating to colors

Make an attempt to jot down at least 200 potential brand names before the brainstorming session ends. This will provide you with abundant resources to work with while you focus on lowering the items on this list.

After brainstorming, analyze the names on your list and select a handful that possess exactly what you’re looking for.

3.    Validate

We all hope that your top word from the analyzed names is the perfect company name you’ve been looking for! However, before you can begin the celebratory party, your potential brand name must pass a few key checks.

Validation can assist you in determining whether your proposed company name(s) is viable. Get a score sheet and begin validating by gathering:

  • Your target market’s reaction: Obtaining feedback from a representative sample of your intended client base is crucial for confirming if your potential healthcare brand name is the best fit for your clients.

You need a name that resonates with clients if you want to get the most out of it. Ensure any name you choose is appealing to your target clients.

  • Check Domain Availability: Essentially, every business needs a readily accessible website. As a result, you should check to determine if the ‘.com’ domain name for your selected brand name is accessible.
  • Trademark Registration: While this procedure may not be pleasurable, it will save you a lot of trouble in the future. The majority of regularly used words are protected in some form by trademarks.

It is critical to determine if your company’s name could be trademarked. And while doing so, you should not hesitate to seek the advice of legal counsel.


After you’re done validating, then you can rejoice, knowing that the top name is the perfect name for your business. This name can also prove that your company wants to leader in  healthcare innovation,so be sure you put enough effort into validation it.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world’s leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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