The Interpretation of Cisco CCIE Certification Syllabus!

The entire name of CCIE is ‘cisco’ Certified Internetwork Expert. It’s an expert certification exam launched by ‘cisco’ in 1993. The CCIE certificate here is known as probably the most authoritative certificates inside it industry and also the top certificate in the area of Internetworking.

When it comes to CCIE written exam, the primary learning contents include IE exam dictionary, deployment of Virtual private network network, advanced routing features, deployment of multicast network, etc. The primary learning items in CCIE Lab are TS (Troubleshooting), DIAG (Identify) and CFG (Configuration), that are split into two training stages.

In 2020, following the revision of CCIE certification, the direction of routing and switching was upgraded towards the direction of EI. Let’s go ahead and take new CCIE EI exam training for example. First of all, with regards to the written exam, items in the training mainly include inspecting ‘cisco’ enterprise network architecture Understanding ‘cisco’ exchange path Applying lan connection around the block Creating redundant switching topology Applying layer 2 port aggregation Understanding EIGRP Applying OSPF Optimizing OSPF Exploring EBGP Applying network redundancy Applying NAT Presenting the virtualization protocol and technology Understanding virtual private network and interface Understanding wireless principle Examining the wireless deployment options Understanding wireless roaming and placement services Checking the whole process of wireless AP Comprehending the wireless client authentication Troubleshooting wireless client connection Presenting multicast protocol Presenting QoS Applying network service Using network analysis tools and so forth.

With regards to the Lab exam from the new CCIE certification program, items in the training mainly include: investigating CAM Analyzing ‘cisco’ fast forwarding Solving VLAN and relay problems Modifying spanning tree protocol (STP) and configuring rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP) Configuring multiple spanning tree protocols Troubleshooting EtherChannel Configuring ‘cisco’ IOS embedded event manager (EEM) Using Ping, Traceroute and debug to trobleshoot and fix the bond and evaluate the traffic Configuring and verifying ‘cisco’ IP SLA Configuring standard and extended ACL Configuring control plane strategy Applying local and server-based AAA Writing and troubleshooting Python scripts Exploring objects and scripts of JavaScript object symbol (JSON) in Python Using NETCONF through SSH Using RESTCONF with ‘cisco’ IOS XE software and so forth.

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