The Future is Mobile: Why You Don’t Need an Office to Run a Global Business!

During the 50s, the standard office made a great deal of sense. Employees labored on typewriters, important documents were physically locked away and business was orchestrated in boardrooms by men in pinstripe suits smoking great big cigars. (I suppose. I’m 25.)

Now, using the internet dominating our everyday lives, almost anywhere with wireless may become a workspace: email has revolutionized the way you communicate, Stand out the way you configure data and also the cloud the way you collaborate. You may also run an ecommerce store from all over the world, easy. So, could a workplace-less business be great for the company? Continue reading to discover!

Work-less office

Sometimes for small businesses known as Turbine HQ. We run a cost report and getting order tool, but it is not why is us unique. Why is Turbine different is we have no office. Our entire team performance remotely and we’re based around the globe – from Vienna, Austria to Sydney, Australia.

75 % of workers believe working remotely includes a positive effect on their productivity

But how can we find yourself getting anything done? Very easily, really. Actually, 75 % of workers believe working remotely includes a positive effect on their productivity.

Do you not all get terribly lonely? By no means. Remote working continues to be seen to lessen worker turnover by 25 %.

Will we spend most in our time in pajamas? Yes, yes we all do. But we’ll usually look respectable in the waist-up whenever we have conference calls.

Remote work initiatives are the way forward for the current workplace. But it’s very easy to have it wrong. Within this blog, I’ll share three from the key ways we create a mobile workplace work with us and just how we support our growing global team.

1. Hire the best people

The good thing about managing a remote clients are you instantly expand your hiring pool. You’re not limited to where you live, meaning you’ll find the very best global talent rather.

At Turbine, running a completely remote, global team rests greatly around the shoulders of those we decide to use. That is why, when it’s recruitment season, we locate a couple of specific characteristics:

Social skills

It might appear difficult to believe, but despite our physical distance Turbine HQ is an extremely interpersonal spot to work. That is why we’re always looking for the personalities who definitely are a great fit for the culture.

When interviewing, seriously consider a candidate’s communication skills – these can be invaluable when you are collaborating miles apart.

When interviewing, seriously consider a candidate’s communication skills – these can be invaluable when you are collaborating miles apart. Along with the usual “where would you see yourself in 5 years” questions, throw them a hypothetical. Question them who’d win inside a fight between Voldemort and Gandalf. You are able to tell a great deal in regards to a person by their style of wizards.


An essential trait to consider when creating a remote team is an amount of self-motivation. With no manager physically around to breath lower our necks, it’s as much as us as visitors to get things done.

An online office only works if everybody is pulling how much they weigh, so look for the folks you can rely on to increase towards the challenge with little encouragement.

2. Purchase a proven method

The remote work revolution is formally under way, with experts predicting 1 / 2 of the world’s workforce is going to be clocking-in at home by 2020. However, without correct support and infrastructure, remote work initiatives will fall flat and employees will neglect to achieve their full potential.

At Turbine, we recommend a couple of vital tools which help us communicate, collaborate and the company running seamlessly:

Interactive video

Good communication is really a critical a part of our remote workplace – we don’t take a chance with ambiguous emails. Interactive video is the perfect method to talk about an approaching project, hold weekly conferences or give clients (additionally, it provides for us grounds to clean our hair every now and then).

We use Ringcentral because of its simple interface and skill to carry multi-person conferences really easily, but Skype for Business is another useful gizmo to look at.


The work management tool Basecamp is really a godsend to remote teams. Its easily-accessible dashboard enables us to help keep on the top in our separate projects, assign out work and our documents organized.


Slack may be the modern businesses’ response to America online Im – minus all of the preteen drama. The direct messaging services are generally utilized in companies and it has improved productivity of their users by 20-40 %.

Working from home could possibly get lonely – 21 percent of remote workers say loneliness is the finest professional struggle. At Turbine, Slack is our method to stay social. It’s used by us constantly: discussing recipes, discussing politics and – most importantly – making one another laugh.

3. Hold monthly in-person conferences

Working remotely doesn’t mean we never see one another within the flesh. However some people live a large number of miles apart, there exists a company meeting working in london each month.

While popping over from Sydney isn’t well worth the 24-hour flight, our European team, whether they’re in Bucharest or Glasgow, result in the journey monthly. We make use of this time for you to communicate sales updates, hold internal presentations, train staff and socialize.

Getting an online, global company really saves the company money.

While the fee for getting everybody in one location isn’t cheap, the cost is comparatively less space-consuming than running a workplace year-round. With the price of London’s work place in an all-time high, getting an online, global company really saves the company money. Consequently, money can buy to purchase our organization conferences.

If you are just beginning your remote business, you might not possess the way to fly your team in the company’s expense. However, if you possess the chance to determine people of the team face-to-face from time to time, go and employ time wisely.

Work for the future

Having a reliable team, a variety of tools along with a strong concentrate on building working relationships, Turbine has had the ability to produce a effective business – without resorting to a workplace.

But it isn’t just us making the leap. The TUC discovered that the quantity of people remote working has elevated by nearly quarter of the million more than a decade.

So, as more companies see the advantages of remote work, are you ready to formally avoid the standard office? Do you consider you can run your ecommerce store without getting the employees on this page? Let’s read your comments within the comments!

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