iOS 14 Tips & Tricks – 10 Siri Shortcuts in iOS 14 to Make Your Life Easier!

iOS 14 Tips & Methods: Apple’s iPhone operating-system 12 had introduced lots of awesome and additional features with probably the most anticipated ones being Siri smartphone shortcuts. Using the discharge of the iOS 14 update, the shortcuts were updated and therefore grew to become more functional than ever before. Today we are discussing individuals shortcuts and just how they are utilized to create your busy existence a bit simpler.

Charge Faster:

This can be a highly used feature by individuals who wish to make sure that their iPhone charges up rapidly with no harm to the interior battery. What this shortcut does is basically turn off all radios like Wireless and Bluetooth as well as lowers the screen brightness and also the iPhone’s volume. This can help in lessening battery drain while charging and therefore battery charges faster with no damage.

Calendar Integrations:

This shortcut is a lot more helpful than the usual simple calendar integration entry for this could work much like your personal secretary taking notes in your account. Siri can display you if there’s all of your buddies birthday today, then it may also create occasions for you personally also it can even book appointments according to your schedule too. The options are endless with this particular shortcut.

Cooking Partner

Many people resorted to cooking throughout the pandemic-caused lockdown and therefore these were browsing online for tips about cooking. This Siri shortcut does that just but intelligently. For those who have an IoT-enabled smart fridge then Siri can integrate with this and help remind you or no food recipe needs extra ingredients or maybe any raw food method is nearing expiry or any other cooking-related reminders. So that all the complicated cooking-related stuff may be easily sorted by using this shortcut. On the side note if you’re searching to begin your brand-new business of promoting wholesale iPhones then take a look site out.

Power Saving Modes

Apple’s iOS comes with an intelligent ‘Low Power’ function which is effective when it’s not necessary use of a charger but needs the iPhone. This Siri function can further assist you to control this low power function. You are able to specify at what exact number of your battery existence you need to enable this low power and low power mode, therefore providing you with additional control over this selection.

Directions To Deal With

This can be a neat shortcut that integrates good enough together with your calendar to inform you relevant directions to occasions you’re scheduled to go to on that day. Simply tap around the event card you want to navigate as well as your default map application will open.

Time For You To Address

Much like direction to deal with this selection too helps you’re able to your preferred destination by telling you just how much approximate time it will lead you to visit there. You needn’t by hand copy the address by hand within the Apple Map or Google Map or any other Map apps anymore because of this Siri shortcut.

Gaming Trick

Future is really a multi-player online interactive action game that’s hugely well-liked by gamers. A person posted this future shortcut for gamers who require assist in finding in-game sources and rare products simply by asking Siri. Although limited in functionality, later on iOS updates Siri can be used a relevant video game personal assistant too. Presently to make use of this selection ask Siri ‘Where’s the Agent from the Nine?’ and also the shortcut is going to be activated.


Many people especially throughout the office hurry hour don’t get time for you to browse the important news during the day. This Siri shortcut will help you. It may collect news throughout the internet using the RSS functionality. You may also personalize just how much space this news bulletins will require and the number of news tales to inform you inside your notification panel.

Work Location Reminders

This can be a pretty handy feature. What this may is after you have setup your projects location Siri will intelligently help remind you associated with a occasions which you’ll looking for this location when you are in work.

Speed Dial

The default iPhone dialer application already includes a speed dial functionality, however this Siri shortcut is made for giving users additional control over this selection. If you’re somebody that calls a couple of of the buddies and relatives frequently you’ll be able to save individuals contacts within this speed dial group and every time you activate this shortcut they’ll appear.


iOS provides extensive practical functions along with the Siri shortcuts, the entire operating-system is becoming more effective. First introduced in iOS 12 Siri’s Shortcuts have leveraged the substitute Intelligence Engine and also the Natural Language processing tools to get more complex and intelligent than formerly.

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