How to Write An ‘About Us’ Page For Your Website That Drives Sales!

There is no denying the significance of a properly-designed, secure website for the ecommerce needs. Whenever a customer finds your site, what exactly is it you would like them to feel and see? There are lots of possibilities that you should interact with your audience in line with the content you publish and also the tales you know.

That’s the reason your “About Us” page ought to be a higher priority. Regrettably, many companies miss the objective and as a result, lose out on advantageous possibilities.

Why You’ll need a Strong “About Us” Page

Whenever a potential customer or client winds up on your website landing page, plus they like the things they see, they likely mind for your “About Us” pages. These readers are basically trying to find your story – who’re you and also exactly what do you are offering?

Your About Us page isn’t just probably the most important pages in your site, but additionally probably the most frequently visited.

Here’s your chance to shine, while you develop a link between both you and your new customer. This will make your About Us page not just probably the most important pages in your site but additionally probably the most frequently visited. Actually, once on the company’s homepage, roughly 52 percent of holiday makers ended up being to see “about us” info.

While you might be 100 % business-orientated, your About Us page is the opportunity to connect on the human level. This is when storytelling is necessary, like a compelling story will confer with your readers. This is the way you identify a powerful connection and as a result, earn their trust. However, to be able to increase your About Us section, you have to set it up in a manner that is informative and direct, yet compelling and relatable.

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In the finish during the day, your About Us page is basically a web page. In line with the story you know, you’ll paint an image – an image that is representative of what you are like a brand. WHY would a possible customer or client are interested of your stuff? Place a face towards the name, bridging the space between both you and your audience.

In conclusion, the primary objectives of the About Us page include:

Having the ability to communicate the storyline of the business

An chance to explain the reason or purpose behind your

Placing a face for your brand, while you feature your organization

Persuading visitors to take a few kind of action (or boost their

degree of insight via data visualization, explainer videos, etc.)

All of these functions adding up, answering the most crucial question of – why must prospective customers give you support and purchase your service?

How you can Effectively Write An About Us Page That Ticks All of the Boxes

At first glance, crafting up a killer About Us page appears fairly straightforward and simple. However, when the time comes to making all of this-mighty page, lots of people find yourself in trouble.

As with every good story, you will have to set the scene, introduce an issue, solve this problem after which paint a obvious picture of the items the long run would bring.

If you are wondering what you need to write and the way your design will change up the reader’s experience, follow this task-by-step help guide to overcome common obstacles. Remember, as with every good story, you will have to set the scene, introduce an issue, solve this problem after which paint a obvious picture of the items the long run would bring.

The first step: Consume a led template

Here’s your opportunity to bring your readers on the journey. Whoever else achieved on the way and just what would you picture next?

Creating a narrative is simple should you consume a template. While you complete your template, think about the figures and also the setting, the issue you solved, the obstacles you hit, the milestones you accomplish and just what your brand’s future appears like.

For instance:

  • [Founders] first began [name of the company] to be able to
  • [describe the issue embark to resolve].
  • That’s the reason we [inform your story, according to your trip perfectly into a
  • means to fix the issue above].
  • During our journey, we [share that which you have achieved and also the
  • milestones you arrived at according to your past and current efforts].
  • We attempt to become [describe your mission when it comes to your target
  • audience and just what which means for the brand. You shouldn’t be afraid to showcase
  • whom you like a person or brand. Here’s your chance for connecting with
  • your audience].
  • Second step: Don’t underestimate important elements in your design

When designing your About Us page, make sure to range from the following elements:

Your core business design – In some instances, companies develop their business

models around their own value propositions. In the end, if you’re the area in the future for x, y and z, proudly showcase your strengths. Consider the significance of transparency here. Possibly you provide greater understanding of the types of materials you source? You may even make use of a specific charitable organization that talks to your audience. Regardless of the situation might be, here’s your time for you to shine while you strengthen the need for your brand.

Awards and press – The milestones you’ve already arrived at are extremely telling, because they show your audience that you are serious. If you have proof that buyers love what you are doing, proudly display it.

Supporting stats and details – What are the details or figures that you could include they are driving your mission home? These values might be with regards to the reason why you developed your brand. However, they may also directly reflect your ability to succeed (i.e., years running a business, products offered to-date, clients helped to-date, etc.).

What you are – Remember, your About Us page may be the an area that informs your audience what you are. Here’s your opportunity to showcase your team when it comes to your brand’s culture. Place a face to every name and supply just a little blurb about each team member’s role and/or set of skills.

Images – When individuals receive fifteen minutes to see content, two-thirds would prefer to read something which is superbly designed than something which is apparent. The purpose here is you need visuals! Not simply will images and videos split up the written text, however these visuals can provide a “behind the curtain” consider your company.

A proactive approach – If you are searching to create more leads, your About Us page would be the method of doing so. Regardless of whether you would like your audience a subscription for your subscriber list, follow yourself on social networking, or read your site, it is crucial that you provide all relevant links. Allow your audience to complete that which you intend these to do. This can also support your site’s Search engine optimization.

Third step: Search for inspiration

Although your About Us page ought to be unique to both you and your brand, it’s highly suggested that you simply take a look at other success companies to be able to make use of their approach. Listed here are a couple of websites to look at when it comes to excellent formatting, storytelling, and brand essence:

1. Refinery29

2. Bulldog Skincare

3. Marie Forleo

If this all boils lower, although you’ll be talking about both you and your brand, you usually must have your audience at the back of the mind. Also, keep in mind that as the brand evolves, same goes with your About Us page.

Never underestimate the strength of your About Us page so that as you evolve, change your story, mission, and accomplishments. In the end, Seth Godin stated it best, “Marketing is not concerning the items you make however the tales you know.”

Have questions regarding writing an About Us page? Question them within the comments!

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