How to Optimize Your Ecommerce PPC Landing Pages By Using Incentives!

Just about all ecommerce sites are utilizing some type of PPC (ppc) advertising. It’s an ideal way to achieve individuals on the majority of different channels and drive traffic towards your site. But is elevated traffic truly the goal you need to achieve? Absolutely not. You would like your PPC traffic in becoming leads and customers. I’ll evaluate the basics of PPC squeeze pages and the best way to use incentives to transform much more of your compensated traffic into email subscribers, social fans, and more importantly, sales.

Visitors are nothing, unless of course you try to convert it. Typically, 98% of folks that come aimed at your website don’t convert. What this means is that almost all your site visitors leave without submitting their email or finishing an order. This puts more focus on e-mail marketing and social funnel marketing. Your ultimate goal, at the minimum, ought to be to get your visitor’s contact details and, if at all possible, encourage them to purchase from you. By utilizing incentives, you are able to influence these to do both.

The Website Landing Page

Make certain your website landing page has information which is in conjuction with the ad the the customer visited to get at your website. For instance, in case your ad is displaying a purchase on winter jackets, you would like to have content about winter jackets, not your approaching spring type of clothing. It’s simple, direct the patron as to the they’re searching for.

Engage these visitors by presenting all of them with a motivation to participate your subscriber list. Typically, I see retailers offering visitors “access to exclusive emails with news, deals and sales” or something like that to that particular effect. Yes, your e-newsletter most likely offers great value to shoppers but it doesn’t provide instant value. I’d recommend offering visitors a motivation that they’ll immediately receive simply by entering email addresses address or conducting a social action. This may be a coupon code, entry right into a sweepstakes, or use of some an e-book or any other bit of valuable content.

While using Right Incentives

Certain promotions might be more suitable based on your website landing page content as well as your finish goal for the Pay per click campaign. Listed here are three potential incentives to make use of in symphony together with your compensated traffic campaigns.

Online Coupons: You have a coupon/discounting strategy. Acquire new email and social leads using these same coupons. Offer visitors a coupon that they’ll instantly receive in your site simply by entering their email or conducting a social action. Consider percentage discount, free delivery, and gift with purchase promotions. These incentives have a tendency to perform best on purchase and particular product squeeze pages. The additional advantage is the fact that online coupons can drive a person to buy inside the same visit! Chemical Guys presents a tenPercent discount offer to new visitors originating from PPC ads:

Sweepstakes: This is definitely the easiest method to quickly construct your list using your PPC campaigns. Simply ask people to enter email addresses address for an opportunity to win your products. The important thing here’s to provide something of greater value that the ideal customer might have curiousity about. By doing this, you receive leads who will probably purchase your products. I’d recommend this promotion on any PPC website landing page, particularly if your ultimate goal would be to acquire new email subscribers. Tower Paddle Boards, had tremendous success with building this list by managing a sweepstakes. They offered visitors an opportunity to win a blow up fully stand up paddleboard. Their promotion is pictured below:


Gated Content: In case your product choices produce an chance to supply shoppers with a lot more information, you might want to consider gating some content. Offer visitors an Look book, recipe book, video or any other bit of content that they’ll instantly receive by submitting their email or conducting a social action. Content is becoming a terrific way to increase the value of the shopping experience also it might make sense for the store should you provide the right content. Garlic clove Shaker offers 40 scrumptious recipes inside a free e-book to new email subscribers. Within the last month, Garlic clove Shaker acquired a typical 92 new email subscribers each day having a gated content appear!


The best way to get this done is by using an incentivized opt-in appear. This puts your clearly mentioned promotion before every group of eyes which comes to that particular website landing page. Additionally, it makes your email opt-in form accessible and helps to create a necessity a subscription for your subscriber list. Finally, offering instant incentives on-site can quickly increase the amount of new email subscribers and drives sales conversions.

To include an incentivized appear for your PPC, email or sales strategy take a look at Justuno, a flexible on-site advertising tool that seamlessly integrates together with your Volusion site and e-mail marketing service.

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