Should You Hire an Independent Contractor or an Employee?

When you are managing a fitness studio or gym, among the greatest decisions you will be confronted with is working out the easiest method to increase your business. When’s the best time for you to expand your employees? In the event you increase the employees for your team or perhaps is it smarter to employ contractors? The solution can differ b2b, based on your conditions.

Prior to you making the next hiring decision, it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of employing an worker versus a completely independent contractor. It’s useful to understand the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which explains the guidelines with regards to employees and independent contractors. Not following a law can hurt a company (who could get hit with fines) and also the worker (who may lose their benefits), states Karen Bender, an individual sources consultant for Hausmann Manley Insurance in Madison, Wis.

Speak with a labor attorney or perhaps an expert concerning the FLSA which means you know very well what your obligations are with regards to getting a contractor. “[A completely independent contractor] can’t be dedicated to one employer full-here we are at a long period of time (shorter-term gigs are fine) or they become an worker,” explains Bender. “This is really a simplification from the law and just taking care of, however it should give a concept of one of the leading issues to think about.”

We put together the most crucial pros/cons to think about when deciding between employing an worker or perhaps an independent contractor.

The Professionals of Employing an Independent Contractor


The greatest plus of employing an independent contractor is the fact that you’ll reduce employment taxes along with other costs you’d otherwise need to cover employees, states Nadia Master Arnold, co-who owns Barre Forte in Denver. Whenever you employ a contractor, you will not withhold and/or pay earnings taxes, Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes. Additionally you won’t have to offer health insurance other benefits.

Though it isn’t under your control to deal with this stuff, you still need make certain the contractors you hire are following tax laws and regulations. When they don’t, your studio or gym might be vulnerable to being audited through the IRS. Whenever possible, it’s smart to make use of a staffing firm who’ll assume all liability and make certain employers and contractors stick to the law.


Since contractors aren’t full-time, you will find the versatility to decrease or increase their hrs for the way busy your studio or gym is. You may also decide to not give any hrs whatsoever throughout a slow period and allow the contractor be aware of hiatus is temporary. This is much better than getting to chop worker hrs or worse, let someone go.

The Opportunity To “TRY Before You Decide To BUY”

Among the best ways to obtain the right fit when hiring would be to bring someone aboard like a contractor to determine if they is a great match for the studio or gym. Consider getting a contractor as employing an worker on the free trial, with no obligations.

Bear in mind, however: Should you employ a trainer like a contractor to build up something for you personally-just like a new class-you will not own the merchandise unless of course the trainer signs an agreement that whatever she or he creates for you may be of your gym or studio.

The Disadvantages of Employing an Independent Contractor

You Are Able To ONLY EXPECT A Lot

The lower costs and elevated versatility you receive when getting a contractor come in a cost to studio proprietors. “The cons I’ve experienced are that contractors don’t have to attend conferences, sell, or do anything whatsoever outdoors of just teaching a category,” states Master Arnold, adding there isn’t much a studio owner can perform to make certain a specialist sticks having a specific schedule. Quite simply, a specialist isn’t locked into carrying out a schedule the way in which an worker is.


Quite simply, the lengthy-term success of the studio isn’t a contractor’s first priority. Full-time employees tend to be dedicated to the general success of the studio. Contractors works to perform a good job to allow them to be rehired but will not be as loyal and dedicated to your gym as employees.

Full-time employees tend to be dedicated to the general success of the studio.

The Professionals of Employing an Worker


While contractors are hired for any specific job (like teaching a category), workers are introduced aboard using the main issue and lengthy-term goals in your mind. They’ve got more time for you to train, become familiar with your culture and lead suggestions to meet your studio’s goals.

When considering you studio’s core values and culture, it’s remember this that employees are the type who’ll help turn individuals ideals into reality. Employees will go that step further to satisfy goals and live and eat the your studio applies to place.


I know full well that employees offer durability, loyalty and continuity that you simply won’t get with contractors. Any investment you are making in professional development have a bigger payoff with employees who are members of your team. So when studio proprietors purchase employees, they’re more prone to wish to lead in new ways and expand their role in assisting your studio succeed.

The Disadvantages of Employing an Worker


On the top of the salary or hourly wages, it’s important to element in the price of medical benefits and vacation time. Full-time staff will be your greatest expenses like a studio or gym owner. And it’s important to pay their salaries promptly, even if situations are slow, so you’ll require a reserve of money flow staying with you.


Contractors they are under more pressure than normal to perform a good job to allow them to continue being rehired or considered for additional work. Due to this pressure, they are usually well-trained and well-experienced on industry guidelines. Employees, however, aren’t as uncovered as to the competitors might be doing. This is where you are available in-it’s important to invest your money and time to make certain they’re trained or more-to-speed on what’s happening in the market.

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