Everything You Need to Know About Chip Cards (and Why You Should Accept Them ASAP)

70 percent of shoppers are in possession of EMV nick cards. Therefore if you aren’t established to accept them, your company is formally behind. But beyond causing you to appear outdated, not accepting nick cards might have more severe implications for the business. Continue reading to learn all you need to learn about nick cards-and why it’s essential that the business start accepting them As soon as possible.

THEY’RE Safer.

Nearly half from the world’s charge card fraud occur in the U . s . States-despite the fact that merely a quarter of charge card transactions happen here. This really is largely because of the fact the U . s . States was among the last markets to hold onto magnetic-stripe cards (that are susceptible to cloning) because the charge card processing standard. Other nations, including Canada and many of Europe, have used nick cards for a long time, and also have seen an impressive reduction in fraud consequently.

Why exactly are magstripe cards subpar with regards to security? Since the data (meaning your bank details) on the rear of the credit card is static. This will make it relatively simple for unsophisticated fraudsters to lift after which clone the data onto a brand new card (after which go purchasing). Nick cards, however, are dynamically encrypted. That nick within the corner is really a small computer nick, which scrambles your bank information at the purpose of every transaction to really make it very hard for fraudsters to extract anything significant.

THE LIABILITY SHIFT Has Become In Position.

Besides the proven fact that nick cards tend to be safer than magstripe cards, there’s one more reason your company should accept them: the liability shift. Underneath the liability shift (which entered effect in October 2015), companies that aren’t yet established to accept nick cards could certainly be responsible for certain kinds of fraudulent transactions. To safeguard your company from undesirable charges, you need to get established to accept nick cards as quickly as possible.


Nick cards are dipped rather of swiped, and that means you require a new POS to simply accept them. And instead of magstripe cards, they’re placed in to the readers for that whole from the transaction (that’s when all of the security checks are in work). Regrettably, nick cards could be a bit sluggish to process. They take noticeably longer, actually, than magstripe cards. Although this is all in the security, it’s really a small drag for those who have a lengthy line. That is why it’s a great idea to obtain a POS that may accept NFC payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay additionally to nick cards. NFC mobile payments are simply as secure as nick card payments but they are leagues faster to process. They’re near immediate. They’re also much more convenient for purchasers, because it all happens through their mobile phone (that they have in all probability within their hands anyway).

IT DOESN’T Need To Be Costly To Simply Accept Nick CARDS.

For small companies, getting setup with EMV terminals can certainly be costly. Typically, it is between $500 and $1,000. However, there are other cost-effective options, for example Square’s contactless and nick readers, that is just $49 and doesn’t require a comprehensive setup process. It really works directly using the mobile phone you have, so there’s you don’t need to buy a lot of other costly hardware to obtain setup.

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