Al Roker Net Worth: Exploring the Financial Success of the Famous Weatherman!

Are you ready for some surprising news about one of America’s favorite TV personalities? Well, hold onto your hats because the secret is out – Al Roker has just signed an $11 million contract with NBC! Yes, you read that right. The weatherman we all know and love is now officially one of the highest-paid stars on television. So what exactly does this mean for his career and how did he manage to secure such a massive deal? Let’s dig deeper into the shocking truth behind Al Roker’s incredible new contract.

Al Roker Net Worth

How Much is Al Roker Worth?

Al Roker has long been one of NBC’s most recognizable faces, and for good reason. He’s the host of “The Today Show” and a personality all viewers recognize. But what many don’t know is that Roker is actually one of the highest paid employees at NBC. In fact, he makes an estimated $ million a year! That’s a lot of money for someone who just started hosting his show in 1998. But how does this compare to other top earners at NBC?

Take Matt Lauer, for example. Lauer was recently fired from “The Today Show” after accusations of sexual harassment surfaced against him. He was reportedly making $25 million per year oncontract with NBC, so Roker’s paycheck pales in comparison. However, Lauer was only on the show for 11 years while Roker has been hosting it since 1998. So even though Lauer made more money overall, it’s likely that Roker will continue to make more in the future due to longer tenure and increased viewership ratings.

Despite being one of the highest-paid employees at NBC, Al Roker doesn’t seem to be affected by the recent allegations against Matt Lauer. In fact, he took to social media to promote his new book “Light From The Sky: My Journey Through Life And death With The Weather Channel” which is set to be released next month! This shows that even though he may have a high income, Roker isn’t too focused on material things

Full Name Albert Lincoln Roker Jr.
Age 67 years
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.73 m)
Weight 171 lb (78 kg)
Worth $12 Million
Education State University of New York at Oswego
Xavier High School
Occupation Journalist, television personality, weather presenter, actor, author

The Shocking Truth About Al Roker’s $11 Million NBC Contract

Al Roker is one of the most popular and well-known personalities on NBC. He has hosted shows like Today, Access Hollywood, and The Weather Channel for many years now. Recently, Al Roker signed a $11 million contract with NBC. This may come as a surprise to some people because his salary is significantly higher than most other network anchors.

The main reason Al Roker’s salary is so high is because he has a lot of experience and credibility in the media world. He has been hosting shows for a long time now and has built up a large audience. This makes him an extremely valuable asset to NBC.

Al Roker’s $11 million contract is not unusual for network anchors. In fact, the median pay for network anchors is around $3 million per year. This means that Al Roker’s salary is actually quite low when compared to other professionals in the media industry.

What Does Al Roker Earn From NBC?

Al Roker is one of the most well-known anchors on NBC. He has been with the network since 1991 and has hosted a number of shows, including NBC’s Today Show and MSNBC’s Morning Joe. In 2014, Roker signed a $ million contract with NBC. What does this contract mean for him?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this contract means that Roker will make $17 million per year over the next four years. This is a significant increase from his previous salary of $10 million per year. The Reporter also notes that this may be due in part to Roker’s work on TODAY, which has seen ratings decline in recent years.


Al Roker has been a fixture on NBC since the late 1970s and his charm, activism, and easy going manner have endeared him to audiences around the world. However, recent reports reveal that Roker’s worth is much higher than previously thought – totaling $11 million dollars over the course of his current contract with NBC. While this may seem like a generous salary for someone who isn’t an anchor or news correspondent, it is important to note that Roker earns significant bonuses for appearances on other networks as well. This begs the question: why would NBC give such a lucrative contract to a man whose primary job is hosting television shows? In light of these revelations, it might be time for NBC to reassess their relationship with Al Roker and ask whether he is really necessary on their network

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