A Day in the Life: MNTSTUDIO Founder Elaine Hayes!

Within our number of “A Day within the Life” profiles, we ask studio proprietors and instructors to talk about a full day-to-day experience to provide readers all over the world a look into what it’s enjoy managing or teaching in a studio.

We chatted with Elaine Hayes, founder and who owns MNTSTUDIO in Bay Area, CA. Born within the San Francisco Bay Area, Hayes increased up from the coast of South america after which London, England before coming back towards the San Francisco Bay Area like a teen. Through dance, she discovered Bikram yoga at age 16 and, after career stints in finance and law, grew to become a Bikram yoga instructor, teaching classes from her very own SoMa loft this year. High-demand eventually pressed her to spread out Mint Studios in 2013. The company increased to accommodate her signature MNT method: Bikram yoga and barre classes according to an evolution of classical techniques. After evolving to get MNTSTUDIO in April of the year and tripling in dimensions (from 2,000 square ft to six,000 square ft), the studio has added a children’s area with dedicated care staff, three new studio spaces (now four total), as well as an on-staff nutritionist to assist clients weave a healthier lifestyle into everyday existence.

Now, Elaine shares what her day-to-day appears like like a busy studio owner and mama to some newborn!

6:30 AM

I recieve up every single day at 6:30am to be able to meditate, set my intentions during the day, and drink a large glass water (20 oz). By 6:45am, my six-month old boy, Leo, usually awakens. Which means it’s cuddle time-my fave!

7:15 AM

By now, I’m showered, outfitted, and prepared during the day. I usually make certain to possess a big breakfast, which is generally a nutritious smoothie with lots of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Today, I chose to make this yams smoothie-don’t knock it til you attempt it!

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tb hemp seeds
  • ½ cup frozen, cooked yams
  • Number of kale
  • 2 scoops Vital Proteins bovine collagen
  • 1 TB ground flaxseeds
  • ½ avocado

8:30 AM

Around the days we’ve her, our nanny gets to 8:30am. I attempt to depart when she will get to the house, since I must commute from Menlo Park (the suburban areas) to Bay Area.

9:30 AM

After I get to MNT, It’s my job to go upright to my office after doing my staff and clients I encounter. First on my small list would be to compensate for any emails I might have missed because the previous night. We’re always planning occasions and fun challenges for the community, so my inbox is within overdrive practically all time.

11:00 AM

I’m frequently interviewed for a number of lifestyle and fitness pieces, now we’d a photoshoot to have an article in PopSugar describing bodyweight abs exercises. Plus, regardless of how busy I’m, I usually attempt to put aside time for you to break a sweat daily. Today I required an electrical Reformer Class at MNT.

1:00 PM

Here we are at lunch! Carlie (MNT’s Director of Studio Operations) and that i chosen our latest obsession: Vietnamese spring rolls from local fave Dinosaurs. We have a working lunch inside my desk basically we evaluate the diary for the approaching days, take a look at our calendar of approaching occasions, address some pending products, and discuss our new retail line. Our greatest project this very day would be to finalize every detail in our approaching #MNT10 Challenge, which starts November sixth. The task would be to take 10 MNT classes in fourteen days, before Thanksgiving. We perform a challenge each year during this time period to assist our community keep on track using their health goals, which can often be challenging round the holidays!

2:00 PM

It’s my job to attempt to leave by 2pm in order to beat traffic and obtain the place to find Leo before his last nap during the day. Our nanny usually leaves at 3pm, so from 3pm until bed time, it’s Mother and Leo time! Today we performed on his pad and practiced moving over, went for any fun walk round the neighborhood within the baby carrier, and attempted pureed raspberries the very first time.


Leo would go to bed at 6:45pm. Once he’s lower, it’s time that i can compensate for any emails I might have missed because the mid-day, and follow-up on any pending products. I’ve been recognized to send emails out whatsoever hrs from the night-a poor habit I’m focusing on! It’s my job to may also prep dinner during this period, so it’s virtually all set to go when my hubby, Mike, will get home. We will often dine around 7:30 – 8pm. This is where we finally get the opportunity to sit down lower and compensate for our day. We always be dilligent about eating dinner together while dining. No phones, TV, or computers permitted! I really like having the ability to reconnect such as this each night, also it helps me unwind, regardless of how crazy my day continues to be.

10:00 PM

I attempt to visit bed by 10pm each night. I’m certainly one of individuals people which has a lengthy bed time routine (skincare, vitamins, hands lotions, sleepy time tea, reading…the list continues!), and so i usually start prepping for bed around 9:15pm. Even though it may appear like lots of try to do my little routines before going to sleep, this can help me to wind down, relax, and feel prepared for an additional day.

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