5 Ways to Encourage Tipping After Wellness Appointments!

For many, tipping following a wellness appointment is natural but what is the polite – or effective – method to address others? Whether it’s their first facial, they’re too Zen from the great massage, or just inside a hurry following a visit, we’ve put together a couple of ways of help remind customers about the concept of tipping after wellness appointments.

Communicate guidelines

The very first touchpoint the consumer may have along with you is probably online – in your website, on the marketplace application, or via social networking. As a result, you will find the chance to supply ample details about your policies. Make certain they know then that gratuity isn’t incorporated within their service and help remind them from the why, communicate that tipping is a vital facet of compensation for the gifted team.

Create an additional touchpoint via email

The next reason for connection with the consumer will probably be an e-mail confirmation from the appointment. Be obvious here that gratuity isn’t incorporated within the cost for auction on your merchandise menu. If you’re able to, you may also wish to communicate the entire price of their service – as well as your tipping policies – so they know the quantity to tip on and you will find keep surprises away.

Chat on-site

Your venue likely includes a gratuity policy or preference in position – whether it’s cash-only, no cash, etc. Attempt to add a tastefully written sign in the check-in desk, and be sure any staff welcoming or looking at visitors is reiterating the practice.

Try an appointment or text

This will depend in your bandwidth, however the surest method to guarantee the consumer will get the content is as simple as speaking for them. Give them a call, thank them for booking a scheduled appointment along with you, evaluate the cancellation policies and make certain that they already know tipping isn’t incorporated. You may also wish to take this time around to speak the need for the service they’re getting. For those who have an SMS notification system (and clients have opted-in), this can be a low-touch method of telling your customers regarding your gratuity policy while confirming the appointment. You may also wish to keep these things text “yes” to verify they understand your policy.

Try them out

You likely curently have a proper check-out process for the clients, in which you evaluate the cost together and only have a payment or communicate that you’ll be utilizing their card on record.

Matters of gratuity can seem to be awkward, however they do not have to. The secret’s ensuring your communication is obvious as well as your clients know what to anticipate.

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