How to Write an About Us Page: Templates, Examples and Samples!

If you are just getting began together with your About Us page and therefore are searching for many inspiration, here are a few About Us page examples we found from Volusion companies that actually caught our eye:


Ghukra is really a leather bag and accessory company, as well as their About Us page goes far above. Furthermore they’ve the conventional company history, they also range from the good reputation for the Ghurka soldiers they are named after, an in depth dissection of the emblem as well as in-depth details about their manufacturing. Obviously, its not all store requires this type of robust About Us, consider this company’s inspiration is steeped in Himalayan history, it is really an instance where it is effective.


Who understood multiple-use Ziploc bags could seem so inspiring? The About Us page of Lunchskins is presented inside a conversational tone, and opens with soothing, natural imagery and attracts our feelings to be part of something bigger and doing our part to consider proper care of it. By weaving in bleak statistics on plastic bag use, combined with the founders’ journey and own struggles, this About Us page paints the image of the eco-concerned family who’s labored hard, and wishes to share their eco-friendly creation using the world.

Centaur Guitar

Should there be a company that understands how to speak their customers’ language, it’s Centaur Guitar. This rock ‘n roll shop opens their About Us page using the bold statement, “Different. Exactly like you,” and delivers with that promise. From recounting the founders’ days playing night time rock shows, to calling out their guitar megastore competitors, the information on and tone of the page is lower-to-earth, no frills with no-nonsense, much like their business.

With Volusion, your About Us page has already been included in your store template – just complete the blanks!

So what can an excellent About Us page provide for your company?

Although ecommerce has some incredible benefits, like convenience, efficiency and convenience, two areas it does not naturally stand out are warmth and personability. Thankfully, online retailers can continue to match the private touch of the greatest physical stores by doing one factor: telling their tales.

Your About Us page is a part autobiographical, one part educational and all sorts of parts human and private for your customers.

This is where your About Us page is available in. Your About Us page is a part autobiographical, one part educational and all sorts of parts human and private for your customers. It showcases the backdrop of the company, and takes your customer around the journey which has brought for your business. Plus, it builds brand trust and loyalty, in addition to sets you aside from your competitors. Given just how much they are doing, your About Us page is among the most last page you would leave blank.

How you can Upload Your About Us Page

If you are using Volusion’s ecommerce software, editing your About Us page is simple – it’s already included in your template, so all you need to do is incorperate your store’s information. To be able to populate your About Us page inside your Volusion store, the first thing would be to mind for your store admin. After that, discover the Design tab and then click Websites Content. Then, around the Update Content: Articles page, find the organization Information section and input whatever text or HTML you would like, and save your valuable changes. Then go to your About Us page again to visit your customized, informative and well-formatted content all there!

Your About Us page gives your brand a personality

Many retailers underestimate the outcome that the well-discussed Us page could make on their own business. Use among the three methods above to create an ideal review of your brand’s history, mission, and goals, and begin turning browsers into loyal customers.

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